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Yoga for All

with Alison Jennings

With over 20 years of teaching practice I have an eclectic teaching style born from hours of study, extensive training and self exploration. I pay attention to a yoga practice that will sustain you throughout your life. I encourage students to feel empowered and lead more purposeful lives through the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. I honour safety and personal agency in my classes, inviting you, as the student, to make choices to suit your unique body and mind.
Inclusive, warm and generous are words that my students often use to describe me. Why not join a class or retreat and find out for yourself.
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'The refuge you seek you will never find in the outside world. It is within you... For yoga teaches us: do not condemn the world. Deify the world by your deeds, purify the world by your utterances and enable the world by your presence.'
Selvarajan Yesudian


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