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Why a retreat? and what to expect...

What could be better than your usual weekly yoga class when you arrive on the mat, hear the teachers soothing voice and immediately feel like you have come home…? Enjoying all of this in a retreat environment where everything is taken care of and you can truly escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. A yoga retreat takes you on a journey of self discovery. There is more time to explore asana. There is more time to explore pranayama. There is more time to explore the deeper foundations of yoga. There is chance to reset the busy bustle of the mind with a calmer, more peaceful and accepting approach.

Each retreat venue has been carefully chosen because of the commitment and energy of the hosts. Delicious brunches and dinners are served with love around communal tables where laughter, poetry and conversation are plentiful. You will have time for relaxing, exploring and replenishing your body and mind. All of Yogastarr retreats include plenty of time on and off the mat. I love spending time carefully curating each session to offer yoga on the mat coupled with considerations and ideas to ponder for healthy, curious, yogic living off the mat.

Upcoming retreats

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