Teen Yoga

Develop skills to relax and manage stress during teenage years and into young adulthood.

Yoga has so much to offer

Develops discipline and emotional regulation

Increases concentration and focus

Encourages healthy body image

Improves self esteem

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Are you Shy?

If you are feeling self conscious and don’t want anyone to see you in your downward dog, why not join a zoom session where you can practice in your own home

My Students Say

I wasn't sure if i would like yoga but Alison makes it really fun to learn and i really really like it now. It helps me with my anxiety and i feel stronger so i'm getting good at some of the harder poses which is really cool.


Are you Sporty?

Overcome competition nerves and enhance performance mindset to achieve great results. Yoga can help to reduce injury for just about any sport. Several Olympic athletes reflect on their yoga practice on their journey to success.

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Develop Skills

manage stress

and relax!

founder of yogastarr

Alison jennings

Meet your yoga teacher

Alison is not your average yoga teacher. With a vast range of experience in teaching in special educational settings she will guide you through both physical yoga practice and delicious relaxations.

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The perfect place to feeling confident and build confidence and calm